Season 1890/91 - November 1890

Saturday, 1st November 1890

No League matches were scheduled as the date had been reserved for local cup competitions.


DUMBARTON ALBION            X            DUMBARTON                       X                
Dumbarton Albion scratched.

VALE of LEVEN                         X            DUMBARTON THISTLE      X                 
Dumbarton Thistle scratched.

Dumbarton and Vale of Leven both went into the next round without having to play. Both their opponents scratched from the competition prior to kick off.


HEART of MIDLOTHIAN         X            LOCHGELLY UNITED            X
Lochgelly United scratched.

Hearts go into the quarter-final draw, Lochgelly United scratched from the competition a few days ago.


CELTIC                                   5            CLYDE                                  0
Half time: 3-0                                                     Referee: Mr Cameron (Rangers)
Celtic Park, Glasgow

COWLAIRS                            P            PARTICK THISTLE              P
Match postponed due to Cowlairs being suspended from the SFA.

GLASGOW WANDERERS    1            CAMBUSLANG                    1
Half time: 0-1                                                      Referee: 
Eglinton Park, Glasgow

THIRD LANARK                    3            RANGERS                             3                15,000
Half time: 0-2                                                      Referee: Mr Bishop (Falkirk)
Cathkin Park, Glasgow

No doubt the game of the day was the match between Third Lanark and Rangers. An entertaining game ended 3-3 with Third Lanark coming back from 2-0 at half time.

Celtic had an easy passage beating Clyde 5-0 whilst Wanderers surprisingly held Cambuslang to 1-1 draw.

The match between Cowlairs and Partick Thistle was postponed due to Cowlairs being suspended from the SFA for a month. No decision has yet been made by the Glasgow FA as to whether the game goes ahead at a later date or Cowlairs forfeit the tie.


ABERCORN                           7            MORTON                              1
Half time: 4-0                                                     Referee:
Underwood Park, Paisley

DYKEBAR                              0            St.MIRREN                            2                   4,000
Half time: 0-1                                                      Referee:
Thistle Park, Dykebar

Both League teams, Abercorn and St.Mirren, safely through to the next round.


HEART of MIDLOTHIAN      4            HIBERNIAN                          1                   2,000
Half time: 2-1                                                         Referee: Mr Sneddon (East of Scotland FA)
Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh

QUEEN’S PARK                      8            BATTLEFIELD                      2
Half time: 4-1                                                         Referee:
Hampden Park, Glasgow

With Hearts East of Scotland Shield opponents Lochgelly United having scratched from the competition, they quickly arranged a match against Edinburgh rivals Hibernian. Hibs were having a miserable season and it was no surprise that they lost to Hearts for the third time, all at Tynecastle. The game was marred when half way through the second half, following a melee between four players, violence erupted on the terraces. A number of the crowd tried to confront the players and the police had to quickly intervene. The game was able to resume after some delay.

Monday, 3rd November 1890


A meeting was called in Edinburgh for the purpose of forming a new football club. The club would be known as Edinburgh Northern and from the large number of attendees, membership tickets were taken. The following office bearers were also appointed; Mr W. McKay (President), Mr A. Scott (Vice President) and Mr W. Rodger (Secretary)

Tuesday, 4th November 1890


The Dunbartonshire FA met to conduct the draw for the quarter-final of the Dunbartonshire Cup. Dumbarton Union to play Vale of Leven and Duntocher Harp will play Dumbarton.

Wednesday, 5th November 1890


The East of Scotland FA to conduct the draw for the quarter-final of the East of Scotland Shield. Heart of Midlothian were drawn against Leith Athletic.

The representative team to play Glasgow FA on the 15th November 1890 was selected as follows: -

Kelly (Hibernian), Adams (Heart of Midlothian), Quigley (Hibernian), Begbie (Heart of Midlothian), McPherson (Heart of Midlothian), Hill (Heart of Midlothian), Baird (Heart of Midlothian), Boyd (Mossend Swifts), McMahon (Captain) (Hibernian), Clements (Leith Athletic), Taylor (Heart of Midlothian).

After much discussion on the venue,Tynecastle Park was selected over Easter Road Park by 15 votes to 3.


The draw for the quarter-final of the Renfrewshire Cup was made. The two League teams, Abercorn and St.Mirren were drawn to meet each other.

The following team was selected to represent Renfrewshire against Dunbartonshire on the 15th November 1890: -

Connell (Port Glasgow Athletic), Paul (Dykebar), Hunter (St.Mirren), Johnstone (Abercorn), Edward McBain (St.Mirren), Martin (Port Glasgow Athletic), Hughes (Arthurlie), Buchanan (Abercorn), Coats (Morton), Dunlop (St.Mirren), Blair (Dykebar).

Friday, 7th November 1890


The membership of Abercorn FC met and agreed to request the SFA that the meetings of the SFA Business & Professional Committee be held in public. This follows a similar request made by the East of Scotland FA. The motion passed was as follows: -

“That the committee of the SFA be respectfully requested to have meetings of the Business & Professional Committee held in public; or alternatively that the minutes of the Business & Professional Committee, containing the evidence submitted to them for consideration be read at the public meetings of the General Committee of the Association.”

The meeting also agreed that a similar request be made to the League.

Saturday, 8th November 1890

No League matches scheduled as the date was set aside for Scottish Cup ties.


ABERCORN                           8            BATHGATE ROVERS            0
Half time: 5-0                                                     Referee:
Underwood Park, Paisley

AIRDRIEONIANS                  1            St.MIRREN                              2
Half time: 1-1                                                      Referee:
Mavisbank Park, Airdrie

AYR                                          3            HEART of MIDLOTHIAN     4                   4,000
Half time: 1-2                                                      Referee: Mr Cameron (Rangers)
Somerset Park, Ayr

DUMBARTON                         7            MOSSEND SWIFTS             3
Half time: 5-3                                                       Referee: MrCaldwell (Partick Thistle)
Boghead Park, Dumbarton

EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY  0            QUEEN’S PARK                    7
Half time: 0-5                                                        Referee: Mr Park (President, SFA)
Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh

LEITH ATHLETIC                   3            VALE of LEVEN                    1                   2,000
Half time: 2-1                                                        Referee: Mr Young (Clyde)
Bank Park, Edinburgh

MONTROSE                             0            THIRD LANARK                  3                   2,500
Half time: 0-3                                                        Referee:
Links Park, Montrose

OUR BOYS (DUNDEE)            1            CELTIC                                 3                   6,000
Half time: 1-3                                                         Referee
West Craigie Park, Dundee

All the League clubs still involved in the competition got safely through to the next round with the exception of Vale of Leven. Edinburgh’s Leith Athletic surprisingly beat them 3-1.

Ugly scenes were recorded during the tie between Ayr and Hearts. Mid way through the second half, the Hearts forward, Russell charge at the Ayr goalkeeper, Steele. (Charging the goalkeeper was not against the rules at this time). The unfortunate goalkeeper was left prone and unmoving for some time. The incident provoked the wrath of the spectators a number of whom broke through the perimeter ropes and surrounded the offending player and the referee who were given some rough treatment before the police could intervene.


CAMBUSLANG                       4            GLASGOW WANDERERS    1
Half time: 3-1                                                        Referee: Mr Hastie (Paisley)
Whitefield Park, Cambuslang
Glasgow Wanderers lodged a protest immediately the game ended.


RANGERS                                3            KILMARNOCK                       1                   1,000
Half time: 1-1                                                       Referee:
Ibrox Park, Glasgow

THISTLE                                   8            HIBERNIAN                            4
Half time: 5-1                                                        Referee:
Beechwood Park, Glasgow

Tuesday, 11th November 1890


The meeting opened with the chairman, Mr Sliman (Battlefield) reading out a letter from the SFA intimating the suspension of Cowlairs FC from the SFA until 1st December 1890. The Glasgow Association endorsed the suspension and this resulted in Cowlairs being removed from the Glasgow Cup competition and the tie awarded to Partick Thistle. Summerton Athletic, who Cowlairs knocked out in the previous round, applied to be reinstated but a large majority rejected this.

Glasgow Wanderers protested their defeat to Cambuslang in the Glasgow Cup quarter-final replay on three counts. Firstly, that the ground was unplayable; secondly, that Cambuslang had changed from their usual strip and therefore the colours they played in clashed with their own; and thirdly, that the referee called time 9 minutes early. The referee Mr Hastie (Paisley) confirmed he ended the game 8 minutes early due to darkness. This was due, he said, to the delay in the start of the second half for which Cambuslang were responsible. After much discussion, the first two counts were thrown out but found in Glasgow Wanders favour on the third count. The tie was therefore to be replayed on Saturday 15th November.

The draw for the semi-finals of the cup was then made. Celtic to play Partick Thistle with Third Lanark or Rangers to play Cambuslang or Glasgow Wanderers. Mr Geake (Queen’s Park) would referee the first tie and Mr Martin (Northern) the second.

Due to the unavailability of players from Cowlairs, Rangers and Third Lanark, a revised team was selected for the representative match against the East of Scotland FA. The revised team selected: -

McCorkindale (Partick Thistle), Arnott (Queen’s Park) (Captain), McKeown (Celtic), McNab (Northern), Kelly (Celtic), McLaren (Celtic), Madden (Celtic), Berry (Queen’s Park), Hector (Battlefield), Watson (Northern), Sellar (Queen’s Park)

Saturday, 15th November 1890


CAMBUSLANG                     P               THIRD LANARK                    P                          
Match postponed. Both teams involved in Glasgow Cup replays.

CELTIC                                   P            HEART of MIDLOTHIAN         P
Match postponed. Both teams had players involved in representative matches.

RANGERS                              R            COWLAIRS                               R
Rearranged. This match had previously been brought forward and played on 18th October 1890.

St.MIRREN                             V            RENTON                                   V
Match void. Renton was expelled from the SFA.

Due to a combination of factors no League matches took place as scheduled.


CAMBUSLANG                     2            GLASGOW WANDERERS       1
Half time: 0-0                                                     Referee:
Whitefield Park, Cambuslang

RANGERS                              1            THIRD LANARK                       1                 14,000
Half time: 1-0                                                      Referee:
Ibrox Park, Glasgow

Cambuslang join Celtic and Partick Thistle in the semi-finals but Rangers and Third Lanark have to play again after a second drawn match.


DUNBARTONSHIRE FA        3            RENFREWSHIRE FA               1
McNaught,Taylor(2)                                            Buchanan
Halt time: 0-1                                                       Referee: Mr S. Laurie (Queen’s Park)
Hamilton Park, Clydebank

Dumbartonshire: McLeod (Dumbarton), Watson (Dumbarton), Sharp (Vale of Leven), McMillan
(Dumbarton), Boyle (Dumbarton), Cornack (Vale of Leven), Taylor (Dumbarton), Galbraith 
(Dumbarton), Mair (Dumbarton), McNaught (Dumbarton), Bruce (Vale of Leven)
Renfrewshire: Connal (Port Glasgow Athletic), Hunter (St.Mirren), Paul (Dykebar), Johnstone
(Abercorn), Martin (Port Glasgow Athletic), E. McBain (St.Mirren), Hughes (Arthurlie), Buchanan
(Abercorn), Coates (Morton), Dunlop (Dykebar), Dunlop (St.Mirren)

EAST of SCOTLAND FA        4            GLASGOW FA                         0                     6,000
Half time: 2-0                                                         Referee: Mr G. Sneddon (President, East of Scotland FA)
Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh

East of Scotland: Kelly (Hibernian), Adams (Hearts), Quigley (Hibernian), Hill (Hearts), McPherson
(Hearts), Begbie (Hearts), Taylor (Hearts), Clements (Leith Athletic), McMahon (Hibernian), Boyd
(Mossend Swifts), Baird (Hearts)
Glasgow: McCorkindale (Partick Thistle), Arnott (Queen’s Park), McKeown (Celtic), McNab
(Northern), Kelly (Celtic), McLaren (Celtic), Maley (Celtic), Berry (Queen’s Park), Dowds (Celtic)
Watson (Northern), Mathieson (Northern)

Dunbartonshire, despite having 8 representatives from Dumbarton FC, still had to fight secure this victory. Renfrewshire held the upper hand for most of the half easily thwarting opposition attacks. Buchanan put the Renfrew men a goal up after 25 minutes and that is how it remained at half time. The second half was more of the same but with 8 minutes left McNaught equalised. This left Renfrewshire reeling and a minute later Dumbartonshire went ahead through Taylor. With barely a minute left Taylor, again, scored a third for Dunbartonshire.

Glasgow suffered an early set back when Madden, Hector and Sellars pulled out and had to be swiftly replaced by Maley, Dowds and Mathieson. Glasgow looked out of sorts perhaps due to this and it was no surprise when Baird put the Eastern men 1-0 up after 17 minutes. A second just before half time from Clements more or less sealed the victory for East of Scotland. In the second half a McMahon double added to the Glasgow misery.  This was the 9th meeting of these two Associations, first played in 1883, and the result put the East of Scotland 4-3 ahead on victories.


CLYDE                                   4            DYKEBAR                              1
Half time: 1-1                                                    Referee:
Barrowfield Park, Glasgow

NORTHERN                           2            VALE of LEVEN                    1
Half time: 1-1                                            Referee:
Hyde Park, Glasgow                                

PARTICK THISTLE               1            ABERCORN                           4         
Half time: 0-2                                                     Referee:
Inchview Park, Glasgow

THISTLE                                2            QUEEN’S PARK                     3
Half time: 2-2                                                         Referee:
Beechwood Park, Glasgow

Tuesday, 18th November 1890


There was a large turnout for the meeting of the SFA General Committee and it opened with a brief reading of the minutes of the Business & Professional Committee. The minutes confirmed that Cowlairs FC had been suspended for 1 month due to mismanagement. It went on to say that during last season (the period of revue) Mr George Henderson was in effect running Cowlairs FC and no club books were available for that period. Henderson had been banned from all involvement in Scottish football.

A number of club books had now been examined and returned to their respective clubs.

Ayr FC had lodged a protest against the result of their Scottish Cup tie with Heart of Midlothian. Ayr’s complaint was that the referee was incompetent and unfair. They also complained about his treatment of Ayr officials, the Ayr umpire and goalkeeper. Hearts lodged a counter claim concerning the maltreatment of their players by Ayr supporters. After a long discussion and examination of witnesses from both clubs Mr Cameron (Rangers), the referee, was exonerated and the protest was unanimously dismissed. Ayr FC were censured for the behaviour of their supporters.

Vale of Leven lodged a protest against the result of their Scottish Cup tie with Leith Athletic. Vale of Leven’s complaint was the game finished in darkness. On the evidence of referee, Mr Young (Clyde), he stated that the match finished at 9 minutes to 5 o’clock and considered the light to be sufficient. The protest was unanimously dismissed.

A protest was read from the League clubs against the suspension of Cowlairs FC and expulsion of Mr George Henderson. A discussion took place regarding the authorisation of the signatories to the protest. The decision of the committee was that the protest was out of order because it came from individuals of the clubs and not the clubs themselves.

The letter from Abercorn FC requesting more openness from the Business & Professional Committee was remitted to that committee.

A protest signed by Abercorn, Celtic, Clyde, Cowlairs, Dumbarton, Heart of Midlothian, Hibernian, St.Mirren and Third Lanark football clubs asking for the reconsideration of the Renton FC and St.Bernard’s FC case. The Chairman, Mr Park (Cambuslang) stated that the protest was an insult and was sorry to see such disloyalty to the Association. To great applause Mr Campbell stated that this matter would be thrashed out in another court. The protest was unanimously dismissed.

An application for membership to the SFA from Edinburgh Northern FC was moved by Mr Sneddon (East of Scotland FA, president) and seconded by Mr McCulloch. The application was unanimously agreed.

The meeting concluded with the draw for the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. The ties involving the remaining League clubs were as follows: -

Royal Albert v CELTIC
St.MIRREN v Queen’s Park

Both Abercorn and Third Lanark received byes.

Protested cup-ties were part and parcel of the game at this time and more often than not the vast majority were thrown out. Ayr’s protest regarding the competency of the referee was doomed to fail unless they could provide irrefutable evidence that was the case. They perhaps weakened their case by also throwing in an accusation of bias. This was on the basis that Mr Cameron, an official from Rangers FC, refereed the game and as Ayr’s opponents were another league team, the referee favoured them. The SFA were never going to “hang out their man to dry” and so the protest was thrown out. Indeed Ayr in many respects got off lightly considering the disgraceful scenes that followed the clash between Steel of Ayr and Taylor of Hearts. Getting off with just a censured was extremely lenient.

Vale of Leven’s protest was a very common form. Most matches were advertised to kick off at 2.45pm during the winter months. The problem was many games failed to start at the scheduled time and as there was no such thing as floodlights in those days, failing light was always going to be an issue. Because there was no rule penalising, or otherwise, delayed kick offs the SFA was partly to blame for such protests yet they did little about it. If the referee deemed the light was sufficient, as in this case, then the protest was likely to fail. Given that Vale of Leven were late in turning up due to a delayed train service then the late kick off was their fault in the eyes of the SFA.

The protest by the League regarding the suspension of Cowlairs FC and the expulsion Mr George Henderson was the first real face off between the League and the SFA. The protest was in effect a weak one since there was no force or demand for action behind it. Coupled by the fact that the protest letter was signed, not by the League, but by the secretaries of the League clubs, gave the SFA an out that they seized upon to their advantage. For the record the signatories were; A. K. Inglis (Abercorn), R Wright (Cambuslang), J. H. McLaughlin (Celtic), A. Lawrence (Dumbarton), J. Richardson (Heart of Midlothian), W. Wilton (Rangers), A. Irons (St.Mirren), J. Thomson (Third Lanark) and J. M. G. McIntyre (Vale of Leven).

The demand for the reconsideration of the Renton and St.Bernard’s case was much stronger but it came much too late. As the matter was now subject to court action initiated by Renton FC the SFA’s hands were tied. The demand was not from the League but from a number of clubs united behind Renton and St.Bernard’s. The League, as a body, did very little to support one of its own. Interestingly, three League clubs were missing from the protest; Cambuslang, Rangers and Vale of Leven. Perhaps some excuse could be given for Cambuslang not being involved since their chairman, Mr Park, was also chairman of the SFA. Rangers and Vale of Leven not being involved remains a mystery.

If anything exposed the inconsistency of the SFA’s decision making it was the membership admission of Edinburgh Northern. Like the Edinburgh Saints, the officials had no prior involvement with St.Bernard’s. The players of Edinburgh Saints previously played for St.Bernard’s, the players of Edinburgh Northern were veterans of St.Bernard’s who did not play for Edinburgh Saints, and, St.Bernard’s second XI players. Edinburgh Saints was ruled as the same club as St.Bernard’s but Edinburgh Northern was accepted as a new club!

Saturday, 22nd November 1890


DUMBARTON HARP              2            DUMBARTON                       10               
Half time: 2-4                                                        Referee:
Hardgate Park, Duntocher

DUMBARTON UNION            3            VALE of LEVEN                      5                  
Half time: 0-3                                                         Referee:
St.James’ Park, Dumbarton

Dumbarton and Vale of Leven both went into the next round without any real difficulty.


LEITH ATHLETIC                    2            HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN      2                   5,000
Half time: 2-0                                                        Referee: Mr McIntosh
Bank Park, Leith

Hearts recover from a two goal half time deficit to snatch a replay.


THIRD LANARK                     3            RANGERS                                 3                   7,500
Half time: 3-0                                                       Referee: Mr Sneddon (East of Scotland FA)
Cathkin Park, Glasgow

In the previous two matches it was Third Lanark who had to overcome a half time deficit this time it was Rangers. A goal in the dying minutes earned Rangers an unlikely reprieve. At the end of 90 minutes chaos descended. It had been arranged that a further 30 minutes would be played in the event of a draw. However because of the atrocious weather many of the players on both sides headed for the pavilion. Despite referee Sneddon’s best efforts he could not persuade the players to return. To loud cheers from the spectators brave enough to remain, it was subsequently announced no extra time would be played.


CELTIC                                     5            PARTICK THISTLE                  1                   2,000
Half time: 2-1                                                       Referee: Mr Martin (Northern)
Celtic Park, Glasgow

Celtic eased their way into their second successive Glasgow Cup final with an emphatic win.


St.MIRREN                               2            ABERCORN                             2
Half time: 1-2                                                       Referee: Mr McLean (Dunbartonshire FA)
Westmarch, Paisley

With some 15 minutes left of play and the score tied at 2-2 the referee, with the agreement of both umpires, called a halt due the torrential rain and high winds. The light was also failing. It was reported that the referee, Mr McLean, officiated the match in full waterproof clothing.


ALLOA ATHLETIC                 3            CLYDE                                      4         
Half time: 1-3                                                       Referee:
Bellevue Park, Alloa

CAMBUSLANG                      4            UDDINGSTON                         0
Half time: 2-0                                                       Referee:
Whitefield Park, Cambuslang

QUEEN’S PARK                      6            EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY  0
Half time: 3-0                                                       Referee:
Hampden Park, Glasgow

Monday, 24th November 1890


The meeting was called to discuss the events of the Glasgow Cup tie involving Third Lanark and Rangers. The Glasgow FA had ruled that in the event of a draw after 90 minutes of play, an extra 30 minutes would be played to decide the tie. Provision was made for this by an early kick off time of 2.15 pm. With the teams tied at 3-3 at the end of 90 minutes the referee called for extra time to be played. At this time many of the players of both teams refused to play on due to the atrocious weather. The referee had no option but to call a halt to proceedings. Both teams then lodged a formal protest against continuation.

After some discussion, the committee agreed to exonerate both clubs due to the extenuating circumstances. However they stressed that this should not be taken as a precedent and that the competition rules must be complied with at all times.

Wednesday, 26th November 1890


The draw for the semi-final of the East of Scotland Shield was made. Alloa Athletic were drawn to play either Heart of Midlothian or Leith Athletic.

An application from Edinburgh Northern FC for membership to the East of Scotland FA was heard. It was unanimously agree to accept them as members.


Rangers held their half yearly meeting and the Treasurers report gave some insight as to the advantages in being a league club. The Treasurer reported that prior to the commencement of the season the bank balance showed a deficit of some £220 (around £28,600 today). The balance now showed some £440 (£57,200) in the black. He stated much of the turnaround was due to earnings from the Glasgow Cup ties with Third Lanark that had realised £371 (£48,230). He then went on to illustrate the difference in earnings between a league match and an ordinary match. Ordinary match against Renton last season, £43 (£6,000), league match this season, £173 (£22,500); ordinary match against St.Mirren last season, £34 (£4.500), league match this season, £96 (£12,500).

Clearly if such examples are replicated across all league clubs, then the league format could prove very profitable to those clubs who were members of it. Interestingly, there has been a long held suspicion by the public that clubs involved in protracted cup-ties were doing so deliberately to maximise earning potential. There is no suggestion that this was the case with Rangers and Third Lanark but the public remained unconvinced. In the very first Glasgow Cup tournament in 1887/88 the semi-final tie between Rangers and Cowlairs went to 5 games before a winner emerged. To add fuel to the fire this was the third time in 4 years Rangers and Third Lanark had met in the Glasgow Cup, not once was the tie decided in one match.

Saturday, 29th November 1890

No league matches were scheduled for this date as it was set aside for Scottish Cup ties. Many matches were called off due to the severe overnight frost which rendered the pitches iron hard and unplayable.


DUMBARTON                           P            5th KRV                            P         
Match postponed due to severe frost.

HEART of MIDLOTHIAN         5            MORTON                        1                   2,500
Half time: 2-0                                                          Referee: Mr Wallace (Glasgow Thistle)
Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh

ROYAL ALBERT                       P            CELTIC                            P
Match postponed due to severe frost.

St.MIRREN                                P            QUEEN’S PARK              P
Match postponed to to severe frost.

Abercorn and Third Lanark both received byes into the quarter-finals.

Only one tie survived the weather that saw Hearts cruise into the quarter-finals. Two of the ties that were postponed played friendly matches due to the large number of spectators who turned up expecting to see a cup match. The results were: -

DUMBARTON                          2            5th KRV                            0
Half time: 0-0                                                         Referee: Mr Young (Clyde)
Boghead Park, Dumbarton

ROYAL ALBERT                      2            CELTIC                             2
Half time:                                                               Referee:
Raploch Park, Larkhall


RANGERS                                P            THIRD LANARK             P
Match postponed due to severe frost.

Initially posters and flyers announced that the match would be postponed and these were later replaced to say the game would likely go ahead. In an effort to cover themselves Rangers placed notices at the gates to say that with the match being in doubt spectators paid admission at their own risk. As the teams prepared to kick off the referee, Mr Bishop (Falkirk), called the two club captains to advise them that in his opinion the ground was unplayable, however, he gave the them the option to agree a final decision. The two captains agreed that there was a high risk of injury and the game was called off. When this was announced to the gathered spectators, many made their way to the exits hoping that by retaining their vouchers free admission would be given for the rearranged match. However many others immediately invaded the pitch and made their way to the pavilion to demand their money back. In the end the two teams fielded scratch teams in an effort to appease the angry crowd. This seemed to satisfy them and two 30-minute halves were played out with little enthusiasm. Third Lanark won 2-0.


LEITH ATHLETIC                  3            HIBERNIAN                      2
Half time: 1-2                                                      Referee: Mr Williamson (East of Scotland FA)
Bank Park, Edinburgh

PORT GLASGOW ATH.         0            CLYDE                               4
Half time:                                                            Referee:
Clune Park, Port Glasgow